How to choose the color of a loft bed

How to choose the color of a loft bed

How to choose the color of a bed-loft In a special presentation, such furniture as a bed – the attic is clearly not needed. She has long had time to earn universal love. And this statement equally applies to both children and adults. The children adore bunk beds because of their unusualness and a huge field for imagination. And adults appreciate that thanks to them you can easily organize space even in the smallest room.

But if you do not have any questions about whether to buy this piece of furniture or not, then questions about how to do it right are just a dime a dozen. One of the most important is what color to prefer.

On our site you can find not only different models of loft beds, presented in a variety of sizes, but also a large selection of colors. Because there is always something to think about.

What kind of bed is an attic?

As a rule, all models can be divided into several types that are very popular among customers and can be used for sleeping of children of different ages. Therefore, speaking in general terms, it is worth mentioning such species.

Bed-loft with a working place. If there is not enough space in your child’s room, and there is nowhere to place a desktop, you can organize a workplace in the lower segment of the furniture. In this way, the child will be able to sleep from above, and from below do lessons and store educational supplies. You can also make the maximum stairs, and in its steps place boxes for storing personal belongings (clothes or toys).
Beds – lofts with a sofa. If the kid is not yet up to school and lessons, and he does not need a desk, or if you plan to put the desktop separately, you can install a sofa on the first tier. In this case, the child and his guests will not be forced to sit or play in a sleeping place. For this, they will have a separate sofa.
Beds with a large storage area. Also, if the desktop does not need to be placed below, you can give the entire lower tier and steps to the cabinets and nightstands. This is very convenient, because with the help of such furniture you can free a significant area of ​​the apartment from various things and compactly fold them into the cabinets under the child’s sleeping place.
Bed-attic 3 in 1. This option is most popular, because literally at three, a maximum of four square meters allows you to place everything you need: a sleeping place, work area and a place for storing things.

Color is also important

In spite of the fact that your child will in any case be happy with such a purchase, and you will definitely appreciate its functionality, you should not forget about how important it is how harmoniously the furniture fits into your interior. And in this case, the color of the loft bed is important.

In this case, all available options can be divided into three groups.

Bright hues. They are an excellent solution for small rooms and visually save space. They will not look massive and will not over press. They are also very relevant for rooms where there is a lack of light.
Dark colors. If you have no problems with the size of the room, then you can safely buy a bed – an attic, made of dark material. It looks very unusual and attractive, and very popular among teenagers.
Color models. You can move away from ordinary patterns and purchase furniture of bright colorful flowers. For example, your little princess will accurately estimate the pink bed, and the little son will like to sleep on a blue or green bunk bed. These options will revive the room and will always be a source of positive for your children.

Standard and not standard

We are not only sellers of loft beds, but also their manufacturers. Because our customers are completely different options for decorating furniture. For example, you can choose any sample from our catalog and place an order. In this case, the bed will be delivered almost instantly. If you are willing to wait a bit, we will be happy to design a bed that will meet all your wishes. With us, only you decide how the furniture for your child will look.

In turn, we guarantee high quality products and reasonable prices for absolutely all products, as well as competent advice on choice.