Bed-loft – stylish, comfortable, functional

Bed-loft – stylish, comfortable, functional

Bed-loft – stylish, comfortable, functional The bed-loft is the best option for arranging a small children’s room. Its design is such that it combines a traditional child’s bed and play area or the area of ​​the child’s study. In fact, this is a kind of bunk bed, one of the tiers of which is designed as a playground or a study area. In practice, this means that in this two-storey construction the lower floor is created as a school or computer desk, with several hanging shelves for books, and the upper tier is a full-fledged child’s bed.

Thus, the loft bed significantly saves space in the children’s room, allowing you to allocate a much larger area for active games than if you placed a separate desk and bed in the nursery.

But saving space is not the only advantage that a loft bed has.
Wide range of options

The manufacturers of loft beds offer their customers a wide range of different options for arranging this children’s furniture.

The most popular variant is a combination of a bed (above) and a desk (below). Since the length of the bed is longer than the length of the desk, there is still room for a chest of 5-7 compartments below. In the latter it will be convenient to store the school supplies of the child and his small toys and trinkets.

Another option is also possible, when the bed is on the lower level, and the play zone is on the upper level. This option will be optimal for preschoolers. Only here there are a few subtleties. First, the bed must be made as wide as possible, if it is installed with the butt against the wall. And if it is placed sideways to the wall, then it should be moved away from the wall. This must be done for security reasons.

Of course, the game area is fenced by a small fence, but the child in the heat of the game can sink through it. And in this case, he falls on a soft bed, and not on a hard floor.

Secondly, the bed itself needs to be made as solid as possible, since no child will deny himself the pleasure of jumping from the height of the second floor to the bed.

There are also extensive options for equipping the staircase on the second level. They are made stepped, ledges and in the form of a classical ladder, they can be attached to the bed-attic front and to the butt.

We want to draw your attention to the staircase by ledges, in which each step is a small chest of drawers in which you can store your child’s bedding and clothes.
What should I look for when choosing a loft bed?

When choosing a loft bed, pay attention to the following factors:

1. Material of manufacture.

You can, of course, choose beds from natural wood. But here it should be taken into account that pine, as the most affordable timber, is too soft for a child’s bed, and stronger types of wood, for example, alder, birch or maple, have a higher sale price.

Therefore, the best option for children’s furniture is chipboard. He has both a democratic price and a sufficient fortress. And do not be afraid that in the manufacture of wood chipboard used potentially dangerous to our health substances. Modern chipboard is absolutely safe for our health.

2. Quality of fastenings of details of a bed and accessories.

You can be sure that the baby bed will constantly experience very serious loads. Therefore, if you do not want your purchase not to begin to squeak and loosen in a week, then at the time of purchase, pay attention to the quality of the fittings and fastenings of the bed parts.

3. Age limits.

Children grow and therefore their physiological and psychological needs change. The entire range of baby beds can be conditionally divided into the following age groups.

For children 3-5 years of age. Due to the fact that the bed on the second tier is located quite low (about a meter in height), it is better to choose the angular variant, as the most compact and convenient for the child.
For children 5-10 years of age. The height of the bed is in this case about one and a half meters. The game zone is replaced by a working area with a desk.
For teenagers. The height of the sleeper can already be raised to a height of 1.8 meters, and the desk is replaced with a computer one. The space for bookshelves and lockers is also expanding.