Bed-loft furniture is the dream of many children

Bed-loft – is not only beautiful, ergonomic and very comfortable children’s furniture, but still the dream of every child from four to fourteen years. After all, she realizes his secret dream – to be above mom and dad.

And this dream is realized every time he wakes up on the attic-bed on the second floor, where the sleeping area is located. Every morning the child sees that he is higher than his parents, which means that he is not only higher, but also more mature and stronger. This has the most positive effect on his self-esteem and development.

But apart from the indirect positive influence on the development of the child, an attic bed and directly contributes to its development.
Bed-loft furniture – dreams of many children Comfortable personal space

Any model of a loft bed provides the child with a minimal personal space:

Sleep zone on the second floor, which can easily be transformed into a play area or a recreation area;
The study area is a written or computer desk and several bookshelves;
Storage of personal belongings. It can be not only the drawers of the desk, but also the compartment of the dresser, stylized on the steps of the stairs to the second floor.

The existence of personal space is important for every person and especially for a child who, in the course of development, should have such important features as independence and responsibility. And they are formed only when the child can independently, in the zone of personal space can decide what to do, how and in what games to play.

So you should buy a loft bed, if you live in cramped housing conditions. After all, it allows the child to feel himself in the zone of personal space, even if he does not have his own room. It completely replaces the bed.
Physical development

The presence of the second floor will allow the child to actively and much move, without interfering with the parents. Believe me, even after children are used to having their own loft bed, they will still use the second floor not only for sleeping.

And this means that they will often climb to the second floor, go down or even jump from it, which will contribute to the development of the entire muscular complex and the skeleton of children.
Creative development

The ability for creativity in a child is formed not only when he draws, reads or sculpts from plasticine. The creative component of the child’s psyche is formed, first of all, by what surrounds the child in everyday life. The more in his environment will be bright colors or things of unusual shape, the more actively the child will develop creatively.

And every our loft bed is a real explosion of bright and juicy colors. It is always a joyful and juicy palette of colors that can create a summer mood even in late autumn or cold winter.

In addition, bright and positive colors contribute to the formation of a good mood in the child. In an environment of warm shades, he is less capricious and “sulking.” And, on the contrary, he more willingly plays or is engaged in his own affairs, without distracting his parents. Surrounded by bright flowers, he is not bored.
Development of socially significant character traits

An important aspect of the child’s socialization is the development of an adequate sense of danger. He must clearly understand that after doing certain actions, he will be hurt or scared. For example, if he is so raschalitsya that he will be able to fall over the edge of the game zone, located on the second floor.

In 90% of cases, such a fall just does not happen, because the child reflexively turn on grasping reflexes, firmly hammered into the spinal cord by our ancestors-monkeys. In the remaining 10%, it will fall from 1-1.4-meter height to a soft carpet or ottomans that you place next to the bed. Believe me, it’s better than if he at an older age would have climbed a tree and fell from it, without calculating or overestimating his capabilities.

And already in adulthood such falls from the second floor of the bed will subconsciously remind your son or daughter – some actions are dangerous! After some of your actions, the situation ceases to be controlled! It is better to fall a few times in childhood on a soft, than in adult life memorize this lesson, falling on the rocks of everyday circumstances!